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I am quite confused booking tickets with DFDS and Norfolkline for my France travel. Are they two dif... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On20th Sep 06:41
Norfolkline is now part of DFDS! This means that DFDS Seaways is a brand for ferry crossing across the English channel to France.
Answered byHaran On30th Oct 06:46

Would be grateful to have good information about cheap ferries leading between Satender and Bilbao p... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On16th Sep 07:44
Brittany Ferries, operate a fleet of luxurious cruise ferries between Bilbao and Santander in Spain. Choose the most convenient ferry to Spain and enjoy a great on board entertainm... Read more
Answered bySienna Marie On10th Nov 00:00

Which is the best ferry to ride from Scotland to Belgium. I want a good deal?... Read more

Category Special Ferry Offers   Asked On16th Sep 07:03
Norfolkline ferries is the best to offer from Scotland to Belgium. Norfolkline also provides first-choice facilities on board to make your trip even better way.
Answered byHaran On30th Oct 07:00

What is the distance between Plymouth to Roscoff and how long it would take to travel from Plymouth ... Read more

Category Others   Asked On18th Aug 07:45
Sailing duration from Plymouth to Roscoff is - Day: 6 hours & Overnight: 8 hours
Answered byAlfie On20th Aug 05:41

What are the routes and ports that are raised by LD Lines ferries?... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On22nd Jul 06:40
LD Lines operates an exclusive network of four cross channel ferry routes :
Portsmouth Le Havre ;
Newhaven Dieppe ;
Dover Boulogne and Ramsgate Oste... Read more
Answered byEllie On30th Jul 11:31

Which is the best ferry operator for Boulogne to Dover route ?... Read more

Category Travel Insurance   Asked On20th Jul 13:40
Currently LD Lines is the only ferry operator run ferries between Boulogne to Dover route.
Answered byBroad On13th Aug 07:53

What are the other routes travelled by SeaFrance ferry rather than Dover-Calais and Calais-Dover?... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On13th Jul 12:42
SeaFrance went into liquidation in January 2012 and was acquired by the English Channel passenger and freight ferry company MyFerryLink who operate on the same Dover Calias routes.... Read more
Answered byHayley On04th Sep 23:00

Which ferry operator provides the best service to travel between Dublin and Liverpool?... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On03rd Jul 06:27
Norfolkline offers a good offer for this winter to travel from Dublin to liverpool.Which is very cheap and best way to ravel.
Answered byprior On02nd Aug 07:29

What is the best way to cross the English Channel between Dover and Dunkerque?... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On02nd Jul 14:50
Norfolkline was merged with DFDS Seaways in July 2010 and today DFDS Seaways is the only ferry company sailing to Dunkirk. Dover Dunkirk ferry route is a very popular for reaching ... Read more
Answered byAlfie George On06th Jul 23:00

Travelling with P&O ferries is very cheap .Could I get any other ferries which are cheap and comfort... Read more

Category Cheap Car Ferries   Asked On02nd Jul 06:49
If you are looking for cheap ferry offers to France, Belgium and Holland, then visit our `Ferry Offers` page.Here, you will find the latest ferry offers and deals on popular ferry ... Read more
Answered byLexi Jade On14th Jul 23:00


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