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I have a travel insurance that I took when travelled to France. Can I use the same for Belgium trave... Read more
Asked by Ruby on 04th Aug 08:35

Hi Ruby...
You must know one thing. You have taken ferry travel insurance for France travel. Then how can you use this travel insurance for other routes. You can use this in... Read more
Answered by vinucey on30th Oct 06:26

Which is the best ferry operator for Boulogne to Dover route ?... Read more
Asked by George on 20th Jul 13:40

Currently LD Lines is the only ferry operator run ferries between Boulogne to Dover route.
Answered by Broad on13th Aug 07:53

Is travel insurance valid for only one trip? I have taken a travel insurance last year but travelled... Read more
Asked by Andrew Simon on 01st Jun 13:19

Yes travel insurance is valid for any number of trips as per your select scheme.
Answered by Strauss on20th Jul 10:41


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