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I made an online ferry booking to France with MyFerryLink this morning and would like to know when... Read more
Asked by Andreas on 23rd Jun 06:29

It`s no longer necessary for you to receive the ferry tickets by post before you travel. Some ferry operators will send you full confirmation details along with the booking referen... Read more
Answered by Michael on02nd Jul 23:00

If I miss my booked sailing from Dover to France, could I take the next ferry? Also, how do I cancel... Read more
Asked by Jolie on 21st Dec 11:10

In case you miss your current sailing, based on the ticket you have purchased, your ferry operator will book you onto the next ferry sailing, subject to space availability.There ma... Read more
Answered by Joseph on27th Oct 00:00

I`ve booked my ferry tickets from Dover to France in the wrong direction. Where do I view and change... Read more
Asked by Lyna on 29th Nov 10:31

Hi Lyna,

Unfortunately, most ferry operators like MyFerryLink and DFDS Seaways do not allow you to amend your ferry booking online. You need to call them or e-mail t... Read more
Answered by Sophia on05th Oct 23:00

Can I transfer my ferry tickets booked to another vehicle?... Read more
Asked by Prazynothh on 24th Oct 09:05

Hi Prazynothh,

You are free to amend your ferry tickets to change your vehicle or even add a trailer. However, an amendment fee will apply for making these changes. ... Read more
Answered by Daniel on17th Sep 23:00


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