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I`ve booked my ferry tickets from Dover to France in the wrong direction. Where do I view and change... Read more
Asked by Lyna on 29th Nov 10:31

Hi Lyna,

Unfortunately, most ferry operators like MyFerryLink and DFDS Seaways do not allow you to amend your ferry booking online. You need to call them or e-mail t... Read more
Answered by Sophia on 05th Oct 23:00

How do I know the latest travel updates and sailing information on the "Dover to Calais" ferry route... Read more
Asked by Wilson on 22nd Nov 10:52

Each ferry operator has their own travel updates page. If you are booking ferry tickets with DFDS Seaways, you can check the Travel updates page for live port and sailing informati... Read more
Answered by Anna Bella on 05th Aug 23:00

How long does it takes to travel from Dover to Dunkirk?... Read more
Asked by Lewis on 04th Nov 15:29

When you travel on one of the brand new fleet of DFDS Seaways ferries, it takes about 2 hours to get from Dover to Dunkirk. Dunkirk has direct links to the A16 and A25 motorways, s... Read more
Answered by Luthia on 22nd Nov 11:56

Does My Pet Need A Passport To Travel?... Read more
Asked by Thomas on 03rd Nov 12:36

Taking your cat or dog on a holiday is easier with the new Pet Travel Scheme. All pets travelling between Continential Europe and the UK must be properly vaccinated against rabies,... Read more
Answered by Marcus on 22nd Jul 23:00

I want to travel from Dover to Calais with my dog. Can I carry my pet along with me on the ferry?... Read more
Asked by Barney on 02nd Nov 12:54

Hi Barney, you are allowed to carry your dog along with you on Dover Calais ferry provided your pet have a microchip, up-to-date pet passport and have been recently vaccinated agai... Read more
Answered by Amelia Jane on 29th Jun 23:00

How long does it takes to travel from Dover to Dunkirk?... Read more
Asked by Thomas on 02nd Nov 12:05

The actual sailing time from Dover to Dunkirk is about 1 hour and 30 minutes on DFDS ferries excluding boarding/disembarkation. This route is much cheaper than P&O and MyFerryLink ... Read more
Answered by Jane on 15th Sep 23:00


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