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What are the routes and ports that are raised by LD Lines ferries?... Read more
Asked by Hamilton on 22nd Jul 06:40

LD Lines operates an exclusive network of four cross channel ferry routes :
Portsmouth Le Havre ;
Newhaven Dieppe ;
Dover Boulogne and Ramsgate Oste... Read more
Answered by Ellie on 30th Jul 11:31

Hi, I live in England and have a family of four I want to travel by ferry to France for a vacation i... Read more
Asked by Katherine on 22nd Jul 06:27

Many ferry companies are providing ferry services to frnace with special offers..And Norfolkline is only ferry company sailing from Dover to Dunkerque.
Answered by Isabella on 30th Jul 11:36

How long does it take to cross the Channel from Dover to Calais with PO Ferries?... Read more
Asked by Robert on 20th Jul 14:24

P&O Ferries is one of the major ferry operator between Dover and Calais and it takes just 90 minutes to cross the channel.
Answered by Philippa on 22nd Jul 05:48

How long does it take to travel from Liverpool to Belfast?... Read more
Asked by Daniel on 20th Jul 14:23

The great circle distance from Liverpool airport (LPL) to Belfast George Best City airport (BHD) is 152 miles i.e 244km. Flybe has 1 non-stop flight on Saturdays and Sundays with a... Read more
Answered by Mattews on 04th Aug 09:33

Which is the best ferry operator for Boulogne to Dover route ?... Read more
Asked by George on 20th Jul 13:40

Currently LD Lines is the only ferry operator run ferries between Boulogne to Dover route.
Answered by Broad on 13th Aug 07:53

I want information on cheap ferries from Plymouth to Roscoff? Planing to go for a visit in September... Read more
Asked by Nathan on 14th Jul 11:02

France is 1 hour ahead of us, and if I remember correctly it takes around 6.5 hours in daylight to get to Roscoff, and 8 hours to get to Roscoff at night. So you need to plan what ... Read more
Answered by Strauss on 05th Aug 11:58

What are the other routes travelled by SeaFrance ferry rather than Dover-Calais and Calais-Dover?... Read more
Asked by Mattews on 13th Jul 12:42

SeaFrance went into liquidation in January 2012 and was acquired by the English Channel passenger and freight ferry company MyFerryLink who operate on the same Dover Calias routes.... Read more
Answered by Hayley on 04th Sep 23:00

Would like to know more about pet travelling between UK and France ferries.... Read more
Asked by Daisy on 06th Jul 05:55

You can carry your pets along with you when you travel by Norfolkline ferries from Dover to Dunkerque. Norfolkline vessels are able to carry pets as long as they are advised at the... Read more
Answered by Bruce on 20th Jul 13:01

Can foot passengers travel with Norfolkline ferries? ... Read more
Asked by sindrilla on 03rd Jul 08:46

Foot passengers can travel on Norfolkline`s Rosyth - Zeebrugge and Irish Sea routes.
Answered by George on 01st Sep 09:36

Which ferry operator provides the best service to travel between Dublin and Liverpool?... Read more
Asked by collins on 03rd Jul 06:27

Norfolkline offers a good offer for this winter to travel from Dublin to liverpool.Which is very cheap and best way to ravel.
Answered by prior on 02nd Aug 07:29

I want to travel from France to south of the UK by Ferry. Would be highly appreciated to know good i... Read more
Asked by Cecilia on 03rd Jul 06:11

There are a few leading ferry operators running ferries on this route among which Britanny ferries offers the best service and you can visit their site to get details of their curr... Read more
Answered by Liz on 03rd Jul 06:53

What is the best way to cross the English Channel between Dover and Dunkerque?... Read more
Asked by Fleming on 02nd Jul 14:50

Norfolkline was merged with DFDS Seaways in July 2010 and today DFDS Seaways is the only ferry company sailing to Dunkirk. Dover Dunkirk ferry route is a very popular for reaching ... Read more
Answered by Alfie George on 06th Jul 23:00

Travelling with P&O ferries is very cheap .Could I get any other ferries which are cheap and comfort... Read more
Asked by Joseph on 02nd Jul 06:49

If you are looking for cheap ferry offers to France, Belgium and Holland, then visit our `Ferry Offers` page.Here, you will find the latest ferry offers and deals on popular ferry ... Read more
Answered by Lexi Jade on 14th Jul 23:00

Travelling from Cork to Roscoff is quite pleasant. Could I get any cheap ferry operator for my trave... Read more
Asked by mike on 01st Jul 10:55

Recently, I traveled from Cork to Roscoff with Brittany Ferries. The crew was very helpful and the crossing takes only 14 hours to reach Roscoff. Brittany Ferries offers Weekly cro... Read more
Answered by Thomas William on 17th Aug 23:00

How can i get the best travel insurance, whilst travelling through Norfolkline ferries? ... Read more
Asked by jayden on 01st Jul 08:29

Norfolkline, now part of DFDS Seaways recommend buying a travel insurance policy that matches your particular plans and enjoy your ferry trip with complete peace of mind.
Th... Read more
Answered by Asheley on 12th Oct 23:00

I am planning for the ferry travel from France to Spain in the next month. Looking for cheap ferry ... Read more
Asked by GloryThomas on 21st Jul 05:57

Brittany ferries and P&O ferries travel these ways. You can book tickets on P&O ferries for the cheapest and comfortable travel which is quite pleasant too.
Answered by james on 09th Aug 05:36

I want 5 tickets for cheap rates from Dunkirk to Dover. I have found only one operator, Norfolklin... Read more
Asked by Frank on 01st Jul 08:52

Yes, there is only one operator - Norfolkline operates from Dunkirk to Dover. You can choose this route for your convenient. You will get maximum travel comfort with good onboard f... Read more
Answered by Andrew on 08th Jun 09:36


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