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What type of vehicles are allowed in ferry travel? If the vehicle weighs more or occupies more space, do we need to pay additional charges?
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Asked by Simone  |   on 21st-Dec-2011  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Laura Jane   |   16th-Jul-2014   |   Report spam

Most ferry operators carry all types of passenger vehicles, including cars, vans, bikes, Minibus and Motorhome.

They ask you to provide accurate information about the sizes of vehicles at the time of booking as travel fares vary depending on the size of your vehicle.

Vehicles with excessive height and dimensions cannot be accommodated in all onboard parking areas and may be denied boarding.

Vehicles details mentioned incorrectly at the time of booking risk being delayed at the embarkation, or be levied an additional amount if you bring a different vehicle to the one booked online.



Answered By guest   |   21st-Dec-2011   |   Report spam

Actually the charges differ on different ferry operators.

For DFDS it is:
* Car / Motorhome under 2.

4m high
* Van under 2.

4m high
* Motorcycle
* Bicycle (one only)
* Minibus
* Motorhome (with windows, sleeping and cooking facilities)


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