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I am planning to travel from the UK to France? Can anyone suggest the best route to travel between these two countries?
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Asked by Harry Jacob.   |   on 05th-Jul-2013  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Daniel   |   14th-Oct-2014   |   Report spam

Hi Jacob, I would suggest that you take a cheap cross channel ferry to France to enjoy your leisure holidays.

With fierce competition among the leading ferry companies, cross channel fares have come down today.

My Ferry Link and DFDS Seaways are the lowest cost ferry operators offering special deals on ferries to France every month.

Also, visit the ferry offers page before buying your tickets online.



Answered By ALFIE   |   05th-Jul-2013   |   Report spam

Jacob, you can reach France from the UK sailing on the popular Dover-Calais route.

The sailing time is around 90 minutes approximately.

MyFerryLink operates regular ferry services on this route from just 19 each way.

Alternatively, you can reach France sailing on the Dover Dunkirk route.



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