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I am interested in booking my ferry tickets with MyFerryLink? Can anyone tell me whether the ferry operator takes any surcharges for booking tickets on the mobile phone?
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Asked by Kathy Dylan   |   on 01st-Jul-2013  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Harry James   |   29th-Jul-2014   |   Report spam

MyFerryLink charges same fare for both online and call centre telephone bookings.

There are no hidden surcharges for ferry bookings made via mobile phone.

For more details, you can check the official website of MyFerryLink.



Answered By Olivia   |   03rd-Jul-2013   |   Report spam

No, MyFerryLink offers the same price in the call center and in online.

There are no hidden surcharges for the ferry bookings made over the phone with them.



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