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What are all the necessary documents I need to carry while making a Continental Europe journey?
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Asked by Sophia   |   on 07th-Jun-2013  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Oliver   |   01st-Sep-2014   |   Report spam

As Jessica said, when traveling to continental Europe, it is necessary for you to carry a valid passport Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Kids aged 16 to 17 must bring a letter of permission from their parents or legal guardian to travel alone.

Also, you need to carry your driving licence and insurance documents if you`re bringing you vehicle.



Answered By Jessica   |   11th-Jun-2013   |   Report spam

You need to carry a valid passport along with you and in case if you are a minor, you must be accompanied either by a legal guardian or by a parent.

If you are bringing your vehicle also, then you must carry a valid driving licence, green card (if required) and a valid insurance document.



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