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Two days ago, I made an online ferry booking with MyFerryLink from Dover to Calais and now I want to alter my existing booking. Where do I search and amend my ferry booking?
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Asked by George.   |   on 01st-Jul-2013  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Savannah   |   23rd-Sep-2014   |   Report spam

MyFerryLink allows amendments on online ferry bookings.

However, you will be charged with 20 modification fee on MyBasic Fare each time you make an adjustment in date or time of a journey on your ferry booking.



Answered By Michael Ben.   |   03rd-Jul-2013   |   Report spam

Yes, it`s possible to amend your booking, but you should do it as soon as possible to avoid paying additional fees.

You can do it in two ways one by calling them directly on 0844 2482 100 (within the UK) or mailing them at clientservices@myferrylink.



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