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If I miss my booked sailing from Dover to France, could I take the next ferry? Also, how do I cancel my ferry booking?
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Asked by Jolie  |   on 21st-Dec-2011  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Joseph   |   27th-Oct-2014   |   Report spam

In case you miss your current sailing, based on the ticket you have purchased, your ferry operator will book you onto the next ferry sailing, subject to space availability.

There may be a slight change to fare charged if applicable.

Most ferry operators allow you to cancel your booking, but cancellations rules apply.



Answered By Penny Rose   |   26th-Jun-2014   |   Report spam

You need to inform the ferry operator in advance of the actual departure date to cancel your ferry bookings.

Please note cancellation charges varies based on the ferry operator you booked the tickets and the number of days or hours in advance of the scheduled ferry departure that your cancel request is received.

If you miss the sailing, ferry operators try their best to sail you on the next ferry departure, subject to seat availability.



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