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Can anyone tell me what are all the amenities provided for the kids onboard MyFerryLink Dover Calais ferries?
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Asked by Kathy Dylan   |   on 13th-Jun-2013  | Flag as inappropriate
Answered By Addison   |   10th-Aug-2014   |   Report spam

As Olivia said, MyFerryLink has good onboard ferry entertainment facilities and amenities to keep kids entertained throughout the journey.

For the little ones, there are special onboard nursery areas with baby changing facilities.

For kids, there is onboard Play zone with games, cartoons and kid-friendly furniture.

All these amenities will make your kid happy and enjoy the fun of sailing.



Answered By Olivia   |   18th-Jun-2013   |   Report spam

Sailing with kids on MyFerryLink channel ferries is fun and memorable as there are special dedicated areas to keep them entertained.

They created special Playzone which includes kid-friendly furniture, games and cartoons to keep the little ones entertained throughout the ferry crossing.



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