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Can anyone tell me what are all the benefits of upgrading to MyFerryLink`s priority Service?... Read more
Asked by Andrew on 03rd Nov
Using MyFerryLink`s Rapide Priority service allow ferry passengers to get to their destinations a little bit quicker. Priority service is available at an upgrade price of just 10 ... Read more
Answered byHenry On 05th Nov

We are coming to France this week, but for the first time we are thinking of crossing the channel in... Read more
Asked by Robert on 17th Oct
My suggestion is to use a ferry comparison site like thecheapferries to compare and find the latest ferry offers on all UK`s top ferry routes. You can find all the latest deals fro... Read more
Answered byMichael On 12th Nov

With a bit of confusion I entered the wrong registration number of my vehicle while booking online f... Read more
Asked by Stephanie on 25th Aug
Unfortunately, you are not permitted to amend your ferry bookings online now. However, you can amend them when you arrive at the check-in for free of charge. Please, make sure to h... Read more
Answered byChristine On 25th Aug

I made an online ferry booking to France with MyFerryLink this morning and would like to know when... Read more
Asked by Andreas on 23rd Jun
It`s no longer necessary for you to receive the ferry tickets by post before you travel. Some ferry operators will send you full confirmation details along with the booking referen... Read more
Answered byMichael On 02nd Jul

Can anyone tell me what are all the amenities provided for the kids onboard MyFerryLink Dover Calais... Read more
Asked by Kathy Dylan on 13th Jun
As Olivia said, MyFerryLink has good onboard ferry entertainment facilities and amenities to keep kids entertained throughout the journey.For the little ones, there are special onb... Read more
Answered byAddison On 10th Aug

What are all the necessary documents I need to carry while making a Continental Europe journey? ... Read more
Asked by Sophia on 07th Jun
As Jessica said, when traveling to continental Europe, it is necessary for you to carry a valid passport Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Kids aged 16 to 17 must brin... Read more
Answered byOliver On 01st Sep

I am planning to make a Calais Dover journey along with my Dog tomorrow? Can I purchase a Rapid prio... Read more
Asked by George on 04th Jul
I have a wonderful experience of taking my pet onboard with MyFerryLink and was pleased with my Rapide priority service purchase.However, remember that you need to check-in atleast... Read more
Answered byAdam Carter On 02nd Sep

I am interested in booking my ferry tickets with MyFerryLink? Can anyone tell me whether the ferry o... Read more
Asked by Kathy Dylan on 01st Jul
MyFerryLink charges same fare for both online and call centre telephone bookings. There are no hidden surcharges for ferry bookings made via mobile phone. For more details, you can... Read more
Answered byHarry James On 29th Jul

I am planning to enjoy a leisure weekend trip to France along with my kids. Please suggest a good Da... Read more
Asked by Dylan on 24th Jun
I`ve come across two latest ferry to France offers from Dover online, which I think are the best suited deals for you. 1) Dover Calais Ferries to France offer start from just 35 e... Read more
Answered byChristina On 28th Sep

What are all the payment options available on MyFerryLink ferries for doing onboard shopping? ... Read more
Asked by Cameron. on 28th Jun
My Ferry Link on board Boutique offers a great shopping experience with a wide range of products to choose from, including tobacco, spirits, perfumes, souvenirs, confectionery, win... Read more
Answered byAlex Reich On 31st Jul

Two days ago, I made an online ferry booking with MyFerryLink from Dover to Calais and now I want to... Read more
Asked by George. on 01st Jul
MyFerryLink allows amendments on online ferry bookings. However, you will be charged with 20 modification fee on MyBasic Fare each time you make an adjustment in date or time of a... Read more
Answered bySavannah On 23rd Sep

I am planning to travel from the UK to France? Can anyone suggest the best route to travel between t... Read more
Asked by Harry Jacob. on 05th Jul
Hi Jacob, I would suggest that you take a cheap cross channel ferry to France to enjoy your leisure holidays. With fierce competition among the leading ferry companies, cross chann... Read more
Answered byDaniel On 14th Oct

What type of vehicles are allowed in ferry travel? If the vehicle weighs more or occupies more space... Read more
Asked by Simone on 21st Dec
Most ferry operators carry all types of passenger vehicles, including cars, vans, bikes, Minibus and Motorhome. They ask you to provide accurate information about the sizes of vehi... Read more
Answered byLaura Jane On 16th Jul

If I miss my booked sailing from Dover to France, could I take the next ferry? Also, how do I cancel... Read more
Asked by Jolie on 21st Dec
In case you miss your current sailing, based on the ticket you have purchased, your ferry operator will book you onto the next ferry sailing, subject to space availability.There ma... Read more
Answered byJoseph On 27th Oct

I`ve booked my ferry tickets from Dover to France in the wrong direction. Where do I view and change... Read more
Asked by Lyna on 29th Nov
Hi Lyna,

Unfortunately, most ferry operators like MyFerryLink and DFDS Seaways do not allow you to amend your ferry booking online. You need to call them or e-mail t... Read more
Answered bySophia On 05th Oct

How do I know the latest travel updates and sailing information on the "Dover to Calais" ferry route... Read more
Asked by Wilson on 22nd Nov
Each ferry operator has their own travel updates page. If you are booking ferry tickets with DFDS Seaways, you can check the Travel updates page for live port and sailing informati... Read more
Answered byAnna Bella On 05th Aug

How long does it takes to travel from Dover to Dunkirk?... Read more
Asked by Lewis on 04th Nov
When you travel on one of the brand new fleet of DFDS Seaways ferries, it takes about 2 hours to get from Dover to Dunkirk. Dunkirk has direct links to the A16 and A25 motorways, s... Read more
Answered byLuthia On 22nd Nov

Does My Pet Need A Passport To Travel?... Read more
Asked by Thomas on 03rd Nov
Taking your cat or dog on a holiday is easier with the new Pet Travel Scheme. All pets travelling between Continential Europe and the UK must be properly vaccinated against rabies,... Read more
Answered byMarcus On 22nd Jul

I want to travel from Dover to Calais with my dog. Can I carry my pet along with me on the ferry?... Read more
Asked by Barney on 02nd Nov
Hi Barney, you are allowed to carry your dog along with you on Dover Calais ferry provided your pet have a microchip, up-to-date pet passport and have been recently vaccinated agai... Read more
Answered byAmelia Jane On 29th Jun

How long does it takes to travel from Dover to Dunkirk?... Read more
Asked by Thomas on 02nd Nov
The actual sailing time from Dover to Dunkirk is about 1 hour and 30 minutes on DFDS ferries excluding boarding/disembarkation. This route is much cheaper than P&O and MyFerryLink ... Read more
Answered byJane On 15th Sep


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