Know more about Sweden:

Sweden is a country that is an attractive travel destination. Travellers can have beautiful surroundings to watch on and to have holiday unlimited fun in Sweden`s most of the places. The visitor first encounters interesting and attractive landscape. Sweden is well connected by ferries from rest of the European countries. Sweden has large forests, and there are thousands of lakes to visit.

Culture, museums and galleries:

Swedes are proud of their history, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Stockholm, where you can visit dozens of museums. Beautiful culture in Sweden can be attracted by most of the visitors. The country has rich historical places, monuments and many other travel attracted places to make a visit worth. Stockholm is the Swedish capital and can be regarded as the Venice of Scandinavia because the town is spread over 14 different islands.

Spa resorts & hotels:

Ski resorts in Sweden are all the pleasures of life. You can have many spa resorts and hotels in Sweden to chill out for your holidays at the most. Travellers will have maximum facilities of Spa hotels and resorts in Sweden where they can get the utmost opportunities of enjoyment.

Famous port cities to travel connected by ferries:

Aare is a ski mountain in Sweden, founded in 1909 located in Aare Municipality, Jämtland, outside and above the town of Aare, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) from the city of Ostersund. In southern Scania, which offers the medieval town of Lund with its 12th century astronomical clock and the cathedral of the 14th century. There is also the spectacular Oresund Bridge, the world`s longest bridge in a single tranche between Denmark and Sweden, near Malmo. The famous Ice Hotel offers bed of ice and drinks in the Absolut Ice Bar in the small village in northern Jukkasjärvi in Lapland. It is rebuilt every winter after the summer break.

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