Sassnitz to Klaipeda

Klaipeda is a relatively small city and most of its population are workers. There are very few sights in Klaipeda, but what little there is will certainly be a rewarding experience. Some places of interest is the Church of Santa Maria and San Juan, drama theatre, built in 1857 and Mazvydas Sculpture Park with over 180 works of art of nature to name a few.

Sassnitz is a great place to have a holiday trip to Klaipeda. There are up to 3 sailings per week from Sassnitz to Klaipeda, connecting Germany and Lithuania with an average sailing time of 18 hours. Extremely modern facilities are provided and are accessible for disabled passengers, but the disabled facilities should be asked for at the time of bookings your ferry ticket.

Check your travel documents, passport, and visa required for your journey trip. You will get maximum facilities with onboard services from various operators. Find out the most travel comfort and chill out for your journey.

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