Ramsgate an English seaside town port with one of the largest marinas in the south of England. With plenty of fine seaside architecture Ramsgate has rich history and beautiful coastline sight seeing. Travellers will get efficient service and a dedicated access road to England’s major motorway network including the M25 and excellent rail connections from Ramsgate.

Travellers can get a plethora of attractions including a range of adrenaline pumping activities from sailing, jet skiing and surfing to simply relaxing on the continental style cafés, bars and restaurants on the seafront parade. Ramsgate is remarkable for its orchids and wetland birds with some spectacular views of woodlands, cliffs and exquisite wildlife and birds.

Travellers will have various accommodation ranging from self catering cottages, B&Bs and hotels to caravan parks and campsites. Popular bars like The Queen’s Head, Patogh etc. Travellers can enjoy continental foods at Ramsgate delicious Persian cuisine, tandoori Indian food and some hotels are offering the best Chinese foods. There are many places where travellers can suffice their appetite with continental delicious foods.

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