Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry operators
Portsmouth to Cherbourg

The Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry crossing is run by Brittany Ferries and condor ferries. This route is served by two vessels, the conventional ferry Cap Finistère and the Fast Ferry Normandie Express. Get the most enjoyment in this route from England to France.

Cherbourg climate region has warm temperate climate, with mild winters, warm and sunny summers. There are a number of options to keep you entertained while on board, including children playroom, cinemas, game rooms, shows, swimming pool that makes you entertained through out the day.

You can easily access Portsmouth ferry terminal to Cherbourg via M27, M3 and M25 links. You can visit other cities such as London, the Midlands and North-West of England. From Cherbourg, you can easily travel destinations in Brittany, the Loire, and further south through N13 Motorway.

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