Plymouth to Santander ferry operators
Plymouth to Santander

The route between Plymouth and Santander is run by the flagship, the Pont Aven, which will allow you the most comfortable and luxurious conveyance between the UK and France. You can save the sailing time as little as 24 hours instead of 37 hours making the route much more attractive for passengers.

Climate of Santander will be about 2 to 3 degrees higher throughout the year than the coastline of south west England. You can expect luxury onboard facilities such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, live entertainment, children playroom and seasonal entertainment programme.

The check in time for this journey is 45 minutes. Pet kennels are provided if required with a walking area. you can enjoy the top-class facilities and services to with disabled passengers. You should be aware of taking travel insurance with you it will help you make travel comfort.

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