Ostend has all the assets of a large town, thanks to its success as a seaside resort and busy trade center.Ostend is also home to an international freight and passenger airport. The multi modal function is further emphasized by the presence of comprehensive rail-road infrastructure of a canal leading up to the European inland waterway network and the motorway A10-E40 linked directly to the port Terminals.

The port has recently been modernised in both infrastructure and organisation and is now the leading force in the industrialisation of the hinterland. This port city of Belgium should be your best choice for travelling comfort and holiday spent.

You will many beautiful places to visit nearby Ostend port including - The Provincial Museum of Modern Art, Casino-Kursaal Oostende, North Sea Aquarium, De Plate Folklore Museum, Thermae Palace, James Taverne, Beaches, Maria Hendrikapark, The Mercator and James Ensor House etc.

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