Oslo is the capital of Norway, a terminal near the main railway station and the other the West after the Aker Brygge. There is a daily passenger ship to and from Copenhagen city centre. Oslo is a very concentrated city with most of the popular sites being within walking distance of each other.

The city is located on Oslofjord, and surrounded by the Oslomarka and Nordmarka forest. The city is connected to destinations in Germany and Denmark. The port is built on the Aker River, at the head of Oslo Fjord (100 km/62 long-MI), which remains open in winter by icebreakers.

Travellers can get a plethora of attractions , such as surfing, just relaxing on the continental-style cafés, bars and restaurants on the promenade.. You can also visit the City Hall of Oslo where the Nobel prizes are distributed, or go to the centre of the Nobel peace itself.

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