Norway is a beautiful country with breathtaking landscapes, impressive mountain ranges, beautiful fjords, cosmopolitan cities. Norway is a country of contrasts with an astonishing diversity of landscape that never ceases to amaze visitors. Travellers can have beautiful surroundings to watch on and to have holiday unlimited fun in Norway`s most of the places. Norway is well connected by ferries from rest of the European countries.

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Culture, museums and galleries:

Norwegian culture is closely linked to the country`s history and geography. The delightful culture of Norway can be attracted by most of the visitors. The country has rich historical places, monuments and many other travel attracted places to make a visit worth. Norway is a country full of contrasts, with spectacular mountain ranges, spectacular fjords, cosmopolitan cities and historic site.

Spa resorts & hotels:

Hotels in Norway are available in all shapes and sizes from modern design hotels in city centres, to ice hotels, spa hotels and mountain lodges family functioning. Many Norwegian hotels have specialized in organizing meetings and conferences, often with outdoor activities including programmes. You can have many spa resorts and hotels in Norway to chill out for your holidays at the most.

Famous port cities to travel connected by ferries:

If you take a ferry in Norway, you can see the beautiful blue-green fjords already when you enter the port. Fredrikstad, Bergen and Oslo are part of the largest ports. There are many other reasons to visit this sparsely populated country on the sidelines northern coast of Europe. They are also good urban destinations - Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim are the four largest cities. Saltstraumen is the strongest maelstrom in the world, which is located some 30 km (19 miles) east of the northern city of Bodo.

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