Le Havre

Your ferry crossing to Le Havre means - you are right in the middle of a whole host of activities and opportunities for exploration. Le Havre is on the mouth of the river Seine, and has the name ‘Door to the ocean’ which is true of this city. ‘Le Havre’ means ‘The Port’, and the city is famous for its beautiful harbour. Your visit to France will be much charming by this port city.

Le Havre is approximately 200km from Paris. You will get connection of the A29 or A13 motorways and then A131. You can also follow the signs to the LD Lines Car Ferry terminal, the “Citadelle”, which is close to the town centre. You will also find a shuttle bus service, which is operated to and from Le Havre town centre.

Le Havre is one of the favourite ports for tourists to France as they eager to make the most out of this town. There is easy access directly from Portsmouth to Le Havre by ferry. You will get the most convenience of your own car to explore the local area with ease if you travel by a car ferry.

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