Esbjerg to Harwich

Esbjerg ferry port is a short walk from the city centre. Esbjerg is on the west coast of Denmark and offers excellent connections with the national road and rail networks. Copenhagen is three hours drive from the motorway and train. There are bus connections from the ferry terminal to the station for three times an hour.

Taking the ferry from the port of Esbjerg to Harwich enables you not to have to drive the long distance travel. There are up to three flights per week from Esbjerg to Harwich, connecting Denmark and England with an average sailing time of 18 hours and 15 minutes crossing. Easy reach to the destination that you select to visit is really hassle free from Harwich.

With maximum on-board facilities, travellers can enjoy the greatest chance to travel to England. A ferry trip from Esbjerg to Harwich is really interesting to make a decision without the stress of travelling with comfort. You can easily and comfortably travel through this road and enjoy with great onboard entertainment.

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