The Dover ferry port is in the English county of Kent and is imbued with maritime history. The port faces France on the other side of the Channel and is the UK`s closest geographic point to the French port of Calais. The port`s close proximity to the rest of Europe makes Dover ferry port one of the busiest cross-Channel ports in the continent.

Dover ferry port is equipped with all the facilities you would expect from a very busy harbour. It has excellent state of the art transport links and well recognized customer service. The Port of Dover deals with about 18 million passengers each year. If you are catching a ferry from Dover, you can see Dover Castle, which is one of the largest castles in the country, whose origins can be traced back to the Iron Age.

The climate of Dover is mild and it produces green environment. Port Dover nurtures a huge fishing industry and the port is surrounded by agricultural lands. In 1974 this town joined Nanticoke and gained regional government for benefits in the region.

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