Cork to Roscoff

Cork to Roscoff route is the quickest ferry travel from Ireland to France. It takes just 12 hours to cross the channel. This route is served by the car ferry on every Saturday from Cork to Roscoff and every Friday in the other direction.

With Gulf stream the Roscoff benefits from a mild climate, and it is also protected by the IIe de Batz making it a perfect holiday destination. Roscoff is well worth visiting place to be to if you like to enjoy a quiet holiday by the seaside. You can get pleasure with delicious French cuisine, in particular seafood.

You are allowed to bring pets from Roscoff to Cork under the Pet Travel Scheme only. Car Parking area is available at Roscoff terminal in front of the passenger terminal. Know more about this route and travel in a comfortable manner. Enjoy your ferry travel from Ireland to France at the most.

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