Cherbourg to Poole

Cherbourg on the northern peak of the Carentan Peninsula in Normandy has the shortest crossing between Cherbourg to Poole. The crossing time differs slight with the crafts you choose. You can also make your travel comfortable and fast with speed ferry Normandie Vitesse on western channel, which takes approximately 2 hours to cross.

Cherbourg enjoys a temperate climate, with mild winters, and warm and sunny summers. You can also find onboard amenities on the ship such as a café, a self-service restaurant and a bar, plus a shop selling quality goods at great prices.

Minimum check-in time on this Cherbourg to Poole route is 45 minutes prior to take off. You must apply for a PETS passport to travel with them. It is recommended to take out travel insurance for you and your family. Travel insurance will help you make comfort travel.

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