Calais to Dover offers
Calais to Dover

This route is busy through the week with 200 crossing between France and England. Only conventional vessels operate on this route with journey time of approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes. Travellers will have the beautiful white-cliff view while enjoying their ferry travel on Calais Dover route.

The climate of Calais is mild and you can take a walk on the deck and enjoy the wonderful views during your ferry crossing. On-board special shopping malls will give you impressive discounts on skin care products, wine and beer for 70 per cent of the original price. And this discounting further increases during the period of seasonal offers.

Travellers have to check in before 30 minutes of their ferry departure and for foot passengers it is 45 minutes. Be present at the check-in point at least 60 minutes prior to the departure time, when your pets accompany you. Be sure that you carry the PETS passport while boarding otherwise your pets shall not be permitted to board the ferry. Foot passengers and the coach passengers are not entitled to carry pets for travel by ferry.

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