Boulogne is at the mouth of the river Liane in France. It is also the biggest fishing port of France. It has been an important town and port since Roman times, when it was the main link for trade and military movements between Roman Gaul and Britain. You will find many food shops and boutiques in Grande Rue. Try wander down Rue Thiers, Rue Victor Hugo and Place Dalton.

The largest fishing port in France, Boulogne is a good place to go for seafood restaurants. Better preserved and historically interesting Boulogne`s old walled medieval town contains churches, museums, palaces and restaurants of interest to visitors.

The Saint-Louis building of the University of the Côte d`Opale`s Boulogne campus opened its doors in 1991, on the site of the former St. Louis hospital, the front entrance to which remains a predominant architectural feature. You will get fine ferry travel from Boulogne port to England.

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