Bilbao is Spain`s biggest port and the 6th largest city, is situated in the heart of the Basque Country and is a good place to see the regions attractions. The port city has iconic naval history and heritage seamlessly blended with the new culture of shopping centres, restaurants, bars and its calendar of exciting events.

Bilbao is situated in the centre of the European Atlantic coast, on the eastern side of the Bay of Biscay. Your ferry crossings from Bilbao gives you the utmost pleasure and comfort ferry travel as you will get convenient facilities from the port. Maximum amenities are there in the Bilbao port.

This advantaged geographic location enables Port of Bilbao to link with the main international ports with many lively bars and sensational restaurants. You can also go to the Fine Arts Muesum, the Arriaga Theatre, the Plaza Nueva and the Basque Museum. Travel to Bilbao is also one of the most important decisions as you will get the utmost travel facilities in the port.

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